Wonderful Aromas From The Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

One e-commerce site listing the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer recommends this device mainly for people who have breathing problems and are using aromatic materials as therapy. Other sites downplay the therapeutic aspect of this Canadian desktop vape, indicating it can be utilized either with a balloon or a whip. What is the full story with this attractive tower-shaped unit?

Best Selling Table Top Vaporizer

Extreme Q

Newcomers to Arizer can at least read lots of customer comments to find out why they love this machine so much. It’s a best selling device on many shopping sites for numerous reasons. Consumers find it attractive, efficient, effective, and affordable.

They love the flavor it produces and find the machine relatively quiet. Arizer didn’t make this stationary mod for any one type of customer but for lots of different people searching for a home-based machine that costs less than $200.

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Satisfying Specifics

The Arizer Extreme Q has been through some remodeling since its initial release. Arizer promises the fan is quieter, their desktop mod takes up less space than before, and it runs at a lower temperature too. That suggests the internal design is more efficient and less wasteful, so your electricity bill will not be as high as it would have been were you to operate their earlier version of the Arizer Extreme Q.

Some of the favorite elements of an Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer have not changed at all. One of these is dual modality. Select direct draw vaping or opt for the balloon system. Balloons are preferred by individuals with breathing problems because they don’t have to inhale; just open the bag and let aromatic vapor fill their airways. A simple tube system is easier to set up and more convenient if your airways are not impeded by asthma or COPD.

This table top machine is a dual-operation system in another way too: change settings up close at the console or use a remote control, provided with your product. If you are at the interface pressing buttons, there will be four of them on the improved LCD screen set into a silver frame against the Midnight Chrome of your tower-shaped unit.

Set the fan speed, timer, and temperature with these buttons. Your options start at 50C/122F and climb to 260C/500F. There are three heating sensors ensuring precise settings and screens used to keep herbs out of your mouth. Replacements are sold at Arizer’s website and by authorized vendors.

Ceramic and Glass Gear Make Better Vapor

Arizer opts for glass mouthpieces and glass bowls because this material produces a much cleaner taste than hardened plastic. Vapor is like wine or juice. If you pour your liquid into a glass tumbler, it tastes the way it should.

A plastic tumbler will cause a liquid to adopt the tainted flavor of its medium no matter how modern the material is. Whether that is safe or not, the flavor is not preferable. Arizer can’t provide an all-glass hose but they give consumers glass cyclone bowls, mouthpieces, and a glass stirring tool, plus a sample of botanical material.

The heating chamber is made from ceramics which, like glass, leaves flavor pure. Ceramics also heat rapidly. Arizer promises that this version of their Extreme Q is 50% more efficient than the last but not 50% more expensive.

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