Efficient Arizer V-Tower Tabletop Vaporizer

Arizer is one of the vaping industry’s most respected brands, making some of the top selling units for the past several years. You know this Canadian company for their Extreme Q desktop unit with optional remote control plus their Air and Solo handheld devices. Have you taken a good look at the V-Tower recently? If it has been a while, revisit the Arizer V-Tower multi-purpose desktop vaporizer.

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Arizer adopts a dark look for their tabletop unit, Midnight Chrome to be exact. Recent upgrades have included the new improved color and a slight reduction in its size. Turn the lights out, though, and your LCD display on the Arizer interface is bright enough to show you the way to the fridge or the bathroom.

Use this instead of candles to create a romantic glow that isn’t overpowering. The display background is blue with white digital numbers where your temperature shows up in Celsius and Fahrenheit. One can see the influence of Storz & Bickel’s Volcano on the overall shape: that volcano rising up, only narrower in Arizer’s case and not nearly as expensive.

Choose a Temperature

Certain materials like a higher temperature than others which would potentially burn at those elevated values. Selecting the temperature is also about personal choice; about determining which setting evokes the best flavors from a certain botanical product as far as your taste buds are concerned and no one else’s.

Options range from 50C to 260C or 122F to 500F. Just press the buttons on either side of your screen to raise or lower these values. You can share the tube if you and a friend agree on settings and a choice of materials.

Arizer V-Tower

Arizer V-Tower Kit

Your set will arrive with several pieces including a cable and plug, glass cyclone bowl, glass aromatherapy dish, a sample of nice-smelling botanicals, a glass stirring tool, three feet of medical grade whip, and two screens.

The whip means this is a direct draw device, not a balloon or assisted-delivery vaporizer like the Volcano. This is another way in which they differ. Replaceable screens keep materials out of your whip so all you inhale is vapor, not bits of dry material.

Glass Is Best

Arizer chose glass as the material for their bowls and stir stick because of its purity. Glass does not influence the aroma or taste of vapor. It is fragile, of course, but if you look after parts, they should last. The glass used here is resistant to high heat and more durable than you might imagine.

Spares are available through authorized retailers or directly from Arizer. The housing is made from stainless steel, a durable and non-corrosive material designed for lasting performance and also for its decent thermal properties, storing and maintaining heat for reduced energy loss.

Fast Heating

The Arizer V-Tower requires little time to get hot. Create your settings, go pour a glass of water, and come back two minutes later to lovely hot vapor. Diffuse oil or attach the cyclone bowl atop your tower.

The point of using this bowl is to create cyclonic heating throughout your materials so they are thoroughly vaporized without burning. Arizer’s tower-shape is designed to pour hot air over your herbs for a clean taste and uniform heating.


One of the great things about a well-made but popular machine like the V-Tower is that supply is consistent. Vapers can usually find one in stock from one of several authorized dealers.

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer

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