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Storz & Bickel’s Smallest Vaporizer: The Crafty

Products by German manufacturer Storz & Bickel range in size from the desktop Volcano to a handheld but mains-powered Plenty, followed by the Mighty portable vaporizer and, finally, the Crafty. Although it is a bulkier unit than a Pax II, the Crafty shaves lots of size and weight off of the Storz & Bickel Mighty to provide a lighter handheld vaporizer in a similar style.

Specifications for the Crafty Vaporizer


This black and orange vaporizer is an herbal unit. Grind herbs finely and pack them into the internal chamber but do not pack too tightly or air can’t circulate properly. The chamber is not removable.

Storz & Bickel provides some tools to help you keep it clean between vaping sessions so the machine operates at its highest level all the time. Set your heater to 356F or boost it to 383F by double-clicking the one and only button on this handheld device. These temperatures have been carefully selected for precise vapor production stopping short of combustion.

No Screen

The Mighty features a bold, large display screen where you can watch values change and set them precisely right there at the interface. There is no screen on the Crafty, however, so how do you know if the values you set have been reached?

Storz & Bickel does not settle for one indicator but offers you three. Two of them are vibration and a change of LED light color. The light switches from red to green and you also feel a slight vibration when the machine is ready.


There is another way to keep in step with your mod: view the app. Download this feature to your Apple or Android device for free and scroll through the options. Set your temperature. Choose a brightness setting for your LED light. Even read the menu of suggested temperatures for plants like lavender or hops.

Some Assembly Required

This black, ergonomic unit features many ridges and grooves including outlets for hot air from the built-in battery. At the top are two removable pieces, one being the cooling unit, the other a mouthpiece featuring a long straw that angles away from the mod. These two parts come away to reveal your chamber and taking them off of the vaporizer enables you to clean them completely.

Crafty Oven

Many portable vaporizers fail to truly vaporize herbs but, instead, burn them. They suffer from low-tech heating systems, but the Crafty is different. Storz & Bickel combines conduction and convection heating to thoroughly and efficiently vaporize plants without combustion so you do not wind up smoking after all, the thing you want to avoid.

This German manufacturer has also installed an ultra-efficient heat exchanger. In regular English, all these mean you are paying for the highest level of portable technology money can buy and inhaling the healthiest, best-tasting vapor around.

Recharge the Crafty

A USB port is built into the bottom side of this portable unit. Plug a cable supplied with the mod between the device and a charging port or computer. The cell is built-in so you can’t swap batteries. Leave this unit to recharge when you are taking a long break from vaping or overnight.

Rechargeable, portable technology tends to be light in the hand as is the case here. While the Crafty resembles its weightier counterpart, the Mighty, looks are deceiving. The Crafty weighs about one third of a pound.

Crafty Vaporizer

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