Classy Davinci Ascent Vaporizer

A classy-looking vaporizer is a thing of beauty and, in spite of its elegance, also stealthy. Designers cleverly disguise vape mods as other things like walkie-talkies and cell phones. The Davinci Ascent could be mistaken for the latter, at least an old fashioned one, like your old flip-phone.

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You might pass it off as some kind of antique gizmo made by an inventor long ago, its purpose unclear. I am assuming you want discretion as a vaper, but not everyone does. The bold vaper chooses a bold design and doesn’t care what other people thing he’s got in his hand.

Sassy Davinci Ascent

DaVinci Ascent

The last of these individuals chooses a finish that features lots of skulls, a popular motif among today’s trendy shoppers. Something about skulls represents rebellion. That’s probably the sassiest of styles.

Crocodile-skin doesn’t feel like real animal skin but you’ll be fooled by the realistic pattern. The same goes for wood, probably the design that would put a person in mind of antiquities.

Select a solid color, like black carbon fiber, and go for total stealth. This is popular with people who don’t have any interest in patterns and trends; consumers who choose the simplest designs every time. The Davinci Ascent is customizable; go to their website or visit an authorized dealer to find out more.


Hinged and Refillable

A seam about three fifths of the way down, under a display screen, indicates there is a bottom portion which comes away from the mod. Are you searching for where to fill up with herbs or oil? Pull out the bottom which pivots on a hinge and expose a ceramic “cup” for filling and cleaning.

Add your finely ground herbs or some concentrated material and set the heater to your preferred temperature. The highest you can go is 430F, not exceptionally hot where concentrates or oils are concerned, but more than hot enough for herbs.

Read the Screen

Along the front of your Davinci Ascent is a vertically-oriented display. Its black background is stealthy and unobtrusive when turned off. Letters, numbers, and symbols glow brightly in blue when you turn it on. Symbols tell you when the device is heating up or is ready to vape plus the battery’s charge level. The temperature is also featured here.

Long-lasting Battery Charge

A Davinci Ascent will frequently make its way into the top 5 of portable vaporizers for several reasons. Battery life is a top motivating factor for buying this device because 3 hours is a lot of vaping. That’s thanks to a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery inside the mod. Replenish it every night to have it ready for the next day’s vaping session.

Glass Path

Insert a glass stem into the Ascent and this will create a pathway from the heating chamber to your mouth. The stem is also your mouthpiece. Davinci packages their system with two of these because glass breaks easily, but don’t let that give you cause for concern.

Once inside, it’s perfectly safe and you can remove the mouthpiece/stem to protect it when the Ascent is not in use. Glass doesn’t interfere with the taste of vapour, which is why high-quality machines utilize as much glass as possible. Oil jars to be inserted into the herb cup are also made from glass.

The Kit, Up for Grabs at about $200

Davinci is running a promotion right now. Buy the bundle and they will include a car charger plus free shipping. You can also add or replace parts like a water tool by visiting their website.

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