Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer

The tricky part about transferring a traditional dabbing experience from an old-fashioned vape to a portable device is the concern that you will lose the flavor and vapor you look forward to.

Dr. Dabber has sought to create a viable transfer of traditional dabbing to portable technology, without losing anything. They think they have done it again with their Boost Vaporizer.

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For Concentrates

Many devices out there are devoted to use with herbal materials, sometimes concentrates, but almost always dry stuff. It’s great when a pen comes along to give other vapers something to cheer about. The Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer is attractive.

It’s small, rechargeable, and fully portable. You can vape your concentrates on a domeless nail using water filtration and experience pure flavor with lots of vapor the way you are used to vaping.

How to Operate the Dr. Dabber Boost Vaporizer

Dr Dabber Boost Erig

All you have to do is press one button. There are no other options; no second switch. Just press and wait about thirty seconds before a blue light tells you the time has come to puff. Think about it: that’s less than a minute, and you get up to 60 uses from a single battery charge too. This is a well-made piece of vaping machinery in a very tiny package.

Titanium Trick

It seems like some kind of magic trick, but titanium is able to heat your concentrates effectively without the mod having to chug out huge amounts of heat or drain your battery as much as other types of metal would. Titanium is heat-sensitive. It takes a little while to warm up compared with cheap alloys, but once titanium is hot, it stays hot with minimal input. That’s why the battery leads a charmed life.

Purity with Water

How do vapors manage to create beautiful flavor from hot vapor? They can rely on manufacturers to design cooling systems or turn to the natural source of soothing: water. Use a water system in order to smooth the harsh flavor of very hot vapor. By the time it reaches your mouth, all you will notice is warmth plus the taste of your chosen material. Really hot vapor doesn’t taste like anything.

What’s in the Box

Dr Dabber Boost Kit

For about $200, vapers receive a rechargeable mod and water filtration system made of glass, the most neutral material available. It won’t diminish the flavor of concentrates the way plastics might, especially at high temperatures.

Customers receive two nails, one made from titanium and the other from ceramics. This latter material is also lauded for its purity, like glass, and it retains heat well too. The kit contains a magnetic carb cap and magnetic loading tool.

You receive a pair of storage containers made from medical grade silicon. Dr. Dabber supplies a small USB cable for recharging the built in battery and a key chain as well. The mod is built with a platform so it can be stood up while you vape or just to store it.

Go Portable with Dr. Dabber

Portable vapes supply freedom to vapers and that’s what Dr. Dabber wants to give you. They strive to make small units which are also potent and have done so before with the popular Ghost and Light vaporizers. The Boost is new to their catalogue.


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