The Firefly 2 High-tech Smart Vape

If a mobile phone with a touchscreen is called a smartphone, perhaps a vaporizer operated using a smartphone should be known as a smart vape. The Firefly 2, like the Crafty by Storz & Bickel and several SMOKTECH vape mods, is app-controlled. There are no buttons on the device but an unusual method of turning the device on and off. You are going to love this minimal new handheld vape.

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Turning the Firefly 2 On and Off

Firstly, searching for a button will get you nowhere. There is nothing wrong with buttons per se, but they are moving parts which breakdown and shorten the life of a device. The ability to remove them permits designers to create a minimal, clean, fresh aesthetic.

Operate this vaporizer by placing your thumb and forefinger in depressions on either side. These contain a touch sensor. When you make contact with these the machine knows to heat up. When you let go that’s the signal to cool down and “go to sleep” as the manufacturer puts it.

Heating Up the Firefly 2


Whereas the Firefly 1 heated up automatically, the Firefly 2 is controlled via an app as stated above. There are 6 herb heat settings from 340F to 420F. Recommendations and experiences with other machines suggest this would ordinarily be a little high.

Since the Firefly 2 uses convection, however, you won’t burn herbs unless you try to heat up the device for concentrates but use plant material instead. Concentrates tolerate far higher temperatures than herbs which, by the way, should not be too finely ground. The heating element works best with plants you break up between your fingers.

Rechargeable System

The 770mAh battery for your Firefly is removable but also USB-rechargeable. You’ll keep it in the device to recharge until it runs out then swap this piece out for a new one. Two are provided with the unit.

One alarming fact about this battery is its price: $30 for 770mAh is rather steep when you think about the cost of a 3000mAh battery which is usually around $12 or so. Recharging the cell takes just 45 minutes, after which time vapers should get up to 8 bowls from a charge, however long that lasts you.

Size Contrast

Holding the two Firefly vaporizers together, one can see this company benefited from shrinking technology just like a lot of other companies. The Firefly 2 is less than half the weight and about 1/3 smaller than its predecessor. That’s great because one of the complaints about the earlier version was its heft. People loved it, but they will love this more, even if it does cost $330.

The current model is made from magnesium alloy, known for its durability but light weight and able to absorb vibration (the shock of being dropped, for example). Since the window is deep set, this model will probably survive being dropped as long as it is not deliberately thrown against a brick wall just to see how much stress the Firefly 2 can take.

Style of the Firefly 2

In most respects, the Firefly 2 is a copy of the earlier version. It is a long, narrow device with a borosilicate viewing window and exposed grate, this time moved to the top instead of the top-sides. You see the glow of your heating element clearly as you vape. Choose gold, red, blue, white, or black. The mouthpiece is fixed in place and juts out slightly from the end opposite that blazing hot window.

Replacements for the removable mouthpiece cost about $10 for two. Three concentrate pads are also provided. Friends might mistake it for an old-fashioned cell phone with the cover flipped down if it’s turned off.

When you release the magnetic cover from this unit, however, a vapor pathway is exposed. Replacement covers cost $40 and are fixed in place by magnets. Removing the front face provides instant access to herbs or concentrates so the device can be cleaned out and materials refilled.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

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