One Of The Best: G Pen Elite Vaporizer

The G Pen Elite Vaporizer has already been voted one of the best portable vaporizers available in 2016 and it hasn’t been around long at all. Compared with the Firefly and PAX II it’s not a bad buy at around $170 which is cheaper than the competition, but it lacks some of the advantages of these other devices.

The PAX II is able to detect motion so it knows when you are not vaping, reducing the temperature automatically to save power. A Firefly’s top part comes off to reveal the vapor pathway fully, great for cleaning and filling.

Still, the new G Pen Elite portable herbal vaporizer by Grenco Science is an improvement over the G Pen Pro and it is a stealthy option too.

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Stealthy Wand

G Pen Elite Vaporizer

What are you holding there: a flashlight? A portable car tool? Could this be a lighter or key fob? The G Pen Elite is so small, svelte, and black that others might have trouble recognizing its purpose at first glance.

Once the screen comes on, that’s not even going to be a problem if you hold the G Pen Elite in such a way as to hide the bright numbers that show up there. There is nothing else designed with quite the same shape and style: wavy and energetic; softened by curving lines and form-fitting applications.

Shaping a Vaporizer

Most buttons are round, rectangular, triangular; geometric shapes essentially. These G Pen buttons simply follow the shape of a rising wave. The screen is not an oval or square but does the same thing. Hold the G Pen Elite right way up and it could be the model for a new ship built by NASA to explore space. Turn the G Pen Elite on its side and this is a super-modern, land-speed-record beating vehicle in miniature, smooth and aerodynamic; long and narrow.

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Adjustable Heat Options

How about heating and herbs? Is this just a beautiful portable mod or a functional one? Grenco Science has improved upon their G Pro by adding adjustable temperature buttons which were not there before. You can now select a value and wait just half a minute for finely ground herbs to heat up to vapor-temperature.

Your range is 200F to 428F. After a few sessions, vapers will know which temperature derives the best vapor from their favorite dry materials. I can’t stress enough that this is an herbal vaporizer only. Do not try to use anything else in the chamber or you could ruin your machine.

Molded Mouthpiece

The part you put your mouth on is a molded black shape bearing one oval air outlet for inhalation. Inside, a screen keeps herbs out of your mouth. Remove this part by squeezing and pulling, revealing a chamber made from ceramics and heated with a coil-free system. Coils can cause trouble.

Firstly, they tend to burn herbs; secondly, they wear out and create dry hits unless coils are very high quality. Removing coils entirely is better. This chamber holds ¾ of a gram which sounds like nothing but that is really something.

Grenco Science recommends grinding herbs finely and filling the chamber to capacity. Recharging the battery takes about 3 hours and then you are ready for flavorful mobile vaping and powerful hits.

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