Mighty Vaporizer

This is about as large a handheld vaporizer as a consumer could want: The Mighty by Storz & Bickel. Its counterpart, the Crafty, is much smaller and lighter, but this is a beast; the kind of beast you will come to love.

If performance is more important to you than how compact a piece can be then the Mighty is among the best handheld devices out there. It is only large when compared to the PAX II and Firefly II and other tiny products like those. Really, this is not such a huge device but it gives out mighty vapor anyway.

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Design Elements of the Mighty

Storz & Bickel’s portable rechargeable vaporizer is aptly named. It allows you to vape herbs at high heat and to precisely set that temperature right on the mod. While the Crafty automatically hits its highest temperature but would respond to a boost of power, you can be more accurate and picky with the Mighty.

Select a value, pressing up and down buttons next to the big screen, and then wait for the mod’s real value to match yours. When that happens, a little vibration says you are ready to vape, but you can see as much too on the display.

Double Heating System

Storz & Bickel utilizes dual heating methods to create instant heat but to maintain it. The conduction heater ensures a quick start. Convection heating supplies consistent, even heat to reach all the herbs in your chamber and to prevent them from being overheated which would lead to combustion.

You would be smoking, not vaping. This dual heating method is supported by a dual battery too, rechargeable in its place using a USB cord provided. That’s one moving part out of the way. Vapers won’t be losing their battery door or the battery for that matter, and a long battery icon at the bottom of the screen indicates how much power remains so there is no doubt about when the time is right to plug in the charger.

Mighty Vaporizer

Filling Chamber

Gain access to the chamber by lifting your lid and finding the cavity inside. Close it up by replacing the top cap once more. This is a two-in-one piece unlike the one on a Crafty which came apart into two pieces.

There is a lid with the straw attached, which can be laid flat by the way, and a cooling unit so hot vapor is still flavorful but does not burn your mouth. This part can be replaced if it becomes broken or lost, but the durable build of a Mighty suggests it would take a deliberate act of violence to destroy any part of the unit.

It is shaped like three black cylinders supported by a top and bottom cap, each one evenly grooved for good grip. Gaps between the cylinders also help the unit to breathe and cool down.

More Features

For the vaper who leaves his mod on all the time, running when he is not using it, there is a nice surprise waiting with this portable herbal vaporizer. Germany’s Storz & Bickel has built in an auto-off feature. If the device is neglected for a while, the unit’s intelligent system detects the lapse of time and turns itself to save batteries and dry materials.

The LED screen is much like what you see on a Digital Volcano with the same accents in white and orange. Storz & Bickel items are recognizable by their color schemes, high-tech design, and durable structure.

They are also well known for a kind of industrial rather than stylish appeal. German manufacturing and design focuses here on longevity, performance, and durability. If you want something sleek, look to the latest Firefly or PAX. If you want a unit that’s almost guaranteed to outlive you, then the Mighty is probably the best candidate. In Germany, they make things to last. The set comes with a lot of extras such as essentials for cleaning and grinding.

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