The Fabulous PAX 2

Many models of portable, rechargeable herbal devices will create vapor, but only select products create truly tasty vapor and reliably prevent combustion from occurring.

The PAX 2 is one such model and it’s more than just reliable: it’s innovative and attractive; a favorite in spite of the high price of just under $300.

How to Vape Your Best

Don’t settle for a pen-style vape or some cheap portable unit made with a plastic pathway and constructed from flimsy material. Choose a discrete but elegant, high-tech product. You will notice right away the compromise being made between affordability and performance.

Pax 2

The features of this second version of the popular PAX by PAX Labs will facilitate a maximum of 5 vaping sessions although you will need to refill the chamber a few times with well-ground material. This deep oven evenly vaporizes dry herbs before the vapor follows a pathway made from medical-grade materials to your mouth. Consequently, the flavor is untainted and safe for high heat, so you won’t be vaporizing more than you bargained for.

Battery Bounty

An internal cell is non-removable but long lasting and will hold its charge for about 3 hours. You might be wondering why PAX Labs chose to build the cell into their unit and whether or not this is inconvenient for charging.

The system is recharged using a special cradle featuring two small pins. The PAX settles into this device for replenishment, so you cannot use it as a pass-through unit while it recharges.

If not for the built-in battery, your mod would require another door on top of the removable mouthpiece and lidded oven at the bottom. More seams make for a busier design, places for water or debris to get into the machine, and potential failure of a vaporizer or a shorter life span. This looks a lot better.

Heating Up Herbs

Turn on the PAX 2 by pressing the mouthpiece and waiting at least 45 seconds for the oven to reach its minimum temperature. There are no other buttons in PAX Labs’ clean design. Wait for one of 4 possible temperatures pre-set by the PAX 2, indicated by an LED light, but keep holding the device so that its internal control board knows you are not going to walk away and forget to puff.

An LED “X” on the side flashes green so you know that vapor is ready, but there is no other screen or interface. Vape stealthily and follow the light.

Cleaning Up

Remove a magnetic lid from the base of this narrow mod, measuring less than 4 inches in length, to access the herb chamber. It might not look like much, but this lid is held down securely by a powerful magnetic force so you are not in danger of losing material when holding this portable unit upright. Access for cleaning purposes is easy this way too and regular cleaning is essential.

Vape Detective

The PAX 2 is designed to know when you are vaping and when to conserve its energy. Holding the mod close to your lips tells it to get ready. Being placed on its side indicates that continued heating is a waste of battery power and will lead to vaporizing herbs but no puffing. What a waste that would be if PAX Labs had not come up with their responsive system.

Just utilize the equipment provided and be sure to top up on items by visiting the PAX Labs store for replacements and accessories. Authorized re-sellers also carry these parts.

Included in the Kit

A price of around $280 provides free shipping of the PAX 2 with a set of two mouthpieces, one raised and the other flat. Your kit will also contain cleaning equipment, a charger, and a cable for the charger. This portable, rechargeable herbal vaporizer comes in blue, red, silver, and black.

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