Puffit-2 Vaporizer

A portable vaporizer is, by definition, mobile. You can carry it around in your pocket and even hide it away if you feel awkward about puffing on a vape pen.

The Puffit-2 Vaporizer, made by Discreet Vape, takes portability and discretion to a new extreme.

It’s even smaller than the first Puffit yet powered by a 2200-mAh battery and more capable than before. Perhaps a Puffit-2’s biggest selling point is the ingenious shape that’s sure to fool everyone who doesn’t own a Puffit vaporizer as well.

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Good for select vaporizers.

Rechargeable Vaporizer

The Puffit-2 rechargeable system is cost-efficient. Remove the battery for recharging and replace it with a charged one so as not to interrupt vaping for more than the thirty seconds required to make a swap. Reduce the amount of landfill you create and keep using a set of batteries for several months. When they’re totally depleted, batteries can also be recycled.


Quick Heating

Heat herbs or concentrates in less than 60 seconds with the Puffit-2. Fast heating lets you get on with a vape session quickly, an important feature if you vape during a 15-minute coffee break. Select one of four levels to create smooth, warm vapor or really hot vapor: the setting you feel like today and whatever your material responds best to.

Good Vibrations

When your heat setting has been achieved, the Puffit-2 lets you know by vibrating. It’s what the vape industry refers to as Haptic Feedback. This was apparently the first portable vaporizer built with Haptic Feedback (also featured in the Vapium Summit and Storz & Bickel Mighty.) It’s an innovative way to communicate to the vaper that his materials are ready without installing a screen. Haptic Feedback is also cheaper than an OLED display.

Two Materials

Many portable puffers are designed to handle one material or another. Use the Puffit-2 with dry herbs by filling a small chamber. Choose concentrates instead, filling the chamber and covering with a special attachment so they don’t leak. You just need one, tiny vaporizer and your portable plan is complete.

Better than the Original Puffit

How did Discreet Vape change their first offering? They switched to a removable battery of greater power and duration. You can vape longer and the charge will last. Temperatures range from 320F to 415F. Consumer reports suggest you don’t want to vape at 415F all the time: herbs will eventually overheat. Staying up there for concentrates is suitable however. You’ll find your happy place by trying the different settings.

Automatic Shut-off

Vapers often forget to turn off a vaporizer just like people forget to turn off the stove or to lock their front door. With a vaporizer, this could cause the device to overheat and burn you, lead to an exploding battery, or just drain your battery and use up herbs. For safety, Discreet Vapor added an auto shut-off component. This feature kicks in after three minutes of the Puffit-2 resting idle. You can also turn it off deliberately by pressing the button.

Battery Life Light

There is no screen to guide your way, so your battery might be about to die. How do you know this is about to happen? You don’t want to run your battery right down: this isn’t good for the cell. Instead, keep an eye on your battery light indicator. Instructions show you how to interpret these lights so you never drain the battery fully and have a new one on hand when you need it.


Vapers can also use the Puffit-2 as an e juice vaporizer when they buy a special attachment. A wall charger for fast recharging is also available.

In Summary

What makes this a special vaporizer? The discrete puffer-like shape and color, identical to that of a prescription inhaler, causes the Puffit-2 to blend in with your possessions so no one takes any notice. It’s smaller but more powerful than before. Vape concentrates, dry herbs, or add an attachment to use e liquids. Vibrations tell you when to start puffing. Moreover, it’s cheap: about $100.

There are negatives, however, including production materials. This isn’t the highest-quality item around with a glass pathway or ceramic heating chamber. Upgrade the sum you are willing to pay and own a device featuring a ceramic heating chamber, glass pathway, digital screen, and glass straw.

PUFFiT 2 Vaporizer

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