QuickDraw 300 Vaporizer

A multi-purpose vaporizer is a handy electronic device to have around if you like all sorts of materials. Rather than buying three different ones, you can purchase a single unit with compatible pieces, save money, and enjoy a compact vape. The Quickdraw 300 DLX is handy and affordable.

Five Colors

Choose the black, gold, silver, blue, or purple version, each one a long, slender vape pen. It’s not original. There is a version of it out there called the V2 Pro Series 3, another 3-in-1 pen, but I like the various colors on offer here and the price.

Consider this: V2’s kit contains just the charger, an e liquid cartridge, the battery, and a manual costing about $60. With this unit from QuickDraw, you get all three cartridges, a dab tool, scoop, and brush for $140. It’s super easy to use and nicely made; sturdy and portable.

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Similarities and Differences

The two items are magnetic vaporizers featuring a magnetic connection between cartridge and battery plus a magnetic connection between battery and USB charger. You should be able to vaporize herbs without combustion because the set automatically chooses a temperature for the materials inside. They are virtually identical. I can’t see a lot of difference except that the kit format differs between them.

Pass-through Vaping

If you like to vape at your desk, then the pass-through feature on a vaporizer is great. Connect the 300-DLX QuickDraw 300 to its magnetic USB charger and continue vaping all the while. Although the cartridges slide into a console connected to the battery, effectively protecting you from getting burned if you hold the mod too high, they could be hot when you take them out. This isn’t the case, however; reviews indicate they remain cool to the touch.

QuickDraw 300

Effective Battery?

The QuickDraw 300 DLX suffers from what a lot of pen vapes have trouble with: battery size. It’s not very large, but that’s the choice you have to make. Do you want a battery that stays charged for several hours or a product that slides out of sight into the pocket of your jeans? You should get up to 5 draws per chamber, but you won’t need more than two fingers to count how many hours the battery provides.

Keep it Clean

QuickDraw supplies cleaning materials for a reason: so you can look after your mod. They don’t want complaints that their device produced smelly vapor after a few weeks, and you can prevent that from happening.

Be a tidy vaper and clean up after yourself. Take the mouthpiece off every day and wash it well. QuickDraw doesn’t use high end materials to create this inexpensive device, but it’s durable and light. I wouldn’t consider it a top-class vaporizer but an efficient, affordable, youthful product for young vapers with limited cash.

QuickDraw 300 Vaporizer

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