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Snoop Dogg has released a new digital album: BUSH. To celebrate the launch he and Grenco Science continue their vapor-related relationship by releasing a new herbal vaporizer as well: a version of the G Pro. If you already own a G Pro in black, don’t go rushing out to purchase a Snoop Dogg BUSH version: it’s the same thing in different colors.

The Snoop Dogg BUSH Package

Snoop Dogg BUSH G Pro Vaporizer

The one big difference in purchasing Snoop Dogg’s version vs. the black one, apart from aesthetics, is that you also receive a copy of his album. The total price is $129.95 with a cleaning brush, charging cable, screens, and mouthpiece covers in two sizes.

The BUSH comes with a terracotta-colored planter, white dish, and seeds for growing your own organic “bush.” Although the album cover features several ornately trimmed green bushes, I have to wonder what those seeds are supposed to grow.

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Bushy Appearance

Let’s talk about those looks too. The BUSH album cover is mostly covered in plants except for a blue dog. This version of the G Pro is covered in leaves, but only the bottom portion. The top is a custard-color with gold trim. Compared to a black G Pro these shades are relaxing.

How It Works

A G Pro features one light and a single power button. Remove the mouthpiece to place ground herbs inside without overfilling. Replace the mouthpiece and turn the G Pro on by pressing the button five times rapidly.

Next, wait between 60 and 90 seconds for the light to turn green or hold the button in and it will heat up a little more. Your choices are 320º, 380º, or 420º: a red, green, or blue light. If you find the mouthpiece gets hot, especially after vaping for a while at the highest temperature, you could place a mouthpiece on it (short or long) to keep from burning your lips. You can also pass the device around and share herbal vapor without sharing germs this way.

The temperature indicator light also indicates your charging status. If it turns green when plugged into the charger, this tells you the battery is full and you can start using it once more. If you have ever owned an Orbit by Vaporfi, the G Pro operates in exactly the same way. Your battery is built in, so if your Orbit is ready to die and you like Snoop Dogg’s music, maybe replace an Orbit with the Bush.

More Celebration

That’s not the end of Snoop Dogg’s celebratory offerings: his album also inspired a pen-style vape. The G Pro Ground Material G Slim costs one fifth of the price but is also only one fifth the vaporizer. It comes with a filling tool and USB charger and works only with herbs.

In keeping with Snoop Dogg’s foliage-related theme, this little pen is green and blue with a colored mouthpiece and gold accents. It’s very pretty and easy to stow away from prying eyes.

Grenco Science carries many herb, wax, and oil pens in assorted styles. Their website shows products bearing numerous patterns, including another Snoop Dogg inspired pen in blue with a map of Long Beach California all over it. Grenco Science portable electronics are making waves in the vaping community.

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