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An Unusual Take On Desktop Vaporizers With The Plenty

Storz & Bickel gave vapers a handheld option long before they came out with the Mighty and Crafty, their two portable vaporizers. The Plenty is also designed for holding in one’s hand unlike the Volcano which is a tabletop device.

Unfortunately, The Plenty is also mains powered and weighs 700 grams. So then — is this a tabletop vaporizer or a handheld item? Actually, it’s a bit of both costing around $300, making it their cheapest device.

The Hybrid Machine

For fans of Storz & Bickel this is the perfect combination between mobile technology and desktop reliability. The Plenty gives vapers something they can really wrap their fingers around but it is hefty and durable at the same time. Mains power supplies consistency in a way batteries usually cannot.

Unless technical features include voltage regulation, most rechargeable batteries slowly drop from a maximum of 4.2V to about 3.7V over the course of each period of use before being recharged again. That doesn’t happen with a plug-in mod and you aren’t waiting for them to die either. Power keeps coming.

The Plenty Vaporizer

But you don’t have to lean over a table either because the Plenty is for holding in your hands and bringing right up to your mouth. If you saw yourself in a mirror while using the device, it would appear you were swallowing gasoline, thanks to the shape of Storz & Bickel’s unusually-shaped vaporizer. You will be swallowing tons of vapor, however; rich and powerful, set to your preferred temperature using old-fashioned technology.

Analog System

The Volcano comes in two styles, one being digital, the other sporting a dial. The Plenty comes in one style: analog. There is no screen here but the face of a round thermometer at the front displaying your temperature as it rises or falls according to settings you create by turning an orange dial below the handle. This machine is made for direct-draw only, not balloon or assisted vaping.

Orange and Black

Storz & Bickel reinforced their preference for orange with The Plenty after introducing small amounts of this color into their Volcano package. Since then, all Storz & Bickel vaporizers maintain that theme. It is one way a consumer recognizes the brand. While these are not feminine or delicate and orange is far from stealthy, the color scheme is distinctive.

Warm Up Wizard

The Plenty heats up rapidly to an accurate temperature controlled by unsurpassed German technology. They also supply automatic shut-off, friend to all forgetful people. Run The Plenty then get distracted: it is not going to overheat. Trust Storz & Bickel to keep safety and satisfaction in hand at all times.

Cooling System

Vapor emerges from its chamber very hot indeed; too hot to inhale straight up. You have to temper that heat somehow and Storz & Bickel devised a plan: give the vapor a longer pathway so that heat can dissipate without losing vapor density or flavor. Their heating coil is very hot to the touch and is also replaceable like most other parts.

Replacement Bits

Storz & Bickel’s unique handheld vaporizer for home use with herbs or oil comes apart into several pieces. There are screens, a black mouthpiece like part of a clarinet, plus liquid pads for times when you want to vape oil instead of herbs. All of these items plus some cleaning and filling pieces can be replaced.

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