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Vaping is not an extreme sport, but many vapers like to live life to its very edges. There are vapers who love hiking, rock climbing, and doing anything to push their personal limits. A portable vaporizer that can handle the conditions these consumers endure during their free time is an asset because, with the right tool, vaping can take place anywhere.

If you think all vaporizers are made to handle extremes, you don’t understand the way these machines work. Most portable vaporizers are recommended for operation at normal elevation, not in high winds or too hot/cold weather.

They can’t handle too much water or dirt. The Vapium Summit Plus, however, was designed with these precise challenges in mind. Here’s what I’m talking about.

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Extreme Temperatures

Hikers and climbers don’t wait for the snow to melt before hitting the slopes; they might even bring their snowboard with them and the Summit Plus is ready to tag along.


It copes with the cold, right down to -18C. That’s not all. The Summit Plus is desert-ready too, resilient at temperatures of 80C or 176F. A vaporizer user is more likely to succumb to this kind of heat than his device is.

Water and Dirt

Two things vapers do not want their portable vaporizer exposed to are water and dust, at least with most machines. The Vapium Summit is rated to accept a light splash here and there, such as one might experience during a snowball fight or a run through the shallow waters along a sandy beach. Hiking is a notoriously dusty pursuit but the Vapium Summit Plus is not intimidated by a little bit of debris in the air either. It will keep operating with precision.

Temperature Settings

Although consumers cannot adjust heating for their herbs minutely, they can choose from 8 settings. These take you through a range of 330F to 440F or 160C to 230C. Although the highest value here is usually a bit on the hot side for herbs, especially with the conduction heating system, that might not be the case at high altitude with a low temperature all around plus heavy wind that would render another, wimpier mod useless.

Discretion Is Key

Whatever your friends’ opinions about vape mods happens to be, there are bound to be others who don’t share it and are vocal about their feelings. Avoid conflict with these people and save your energy for the out-of-doors by operating in stealth mode.

Instead of a screen depicting your temperature, the Vapium Summit Plus vibrates to tell you the chamber is hot and ready. Use the buttons on board to choose your values or work with a Smartphone connection to engage your settings.

Welded Pathway

Vapium eliminates seams from their vapor pathway by welding the route from an herb chamber to your mouth. They use stainless steel too, a reliable and sturdy material which doesn’t release fumes into your vapor and can also take a knock or two. Glass creates pure flavor but is not for mountain climbers likely to drop their portable vapes against rocks from a height.

Built-in Battery

To alleviate yet another risk, the cell is built-in. If the Vapium Summit Plus is dropped, there’s no door to burst open revealing a cell which will then go rolling off into a crevice or a creek. Protect the environment and the source of your 3300mAh of power.

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