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Volcano Vaporizer: German Engineers At Their Best

Tell people you own a Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel — at least people who know about vaporizers — and their eyes light up. They know you are a serious vaper, just like someone who drives a German car is a serious driver. It will not matter to them if your Volcano is a 6 year-old analog or the latest digital model. Actually, the Plenty, Crafty, or Mighty would be regarded with much the same admiration and enthusiasm, but the Volcano is their classic model.

The Volcano by Storz & Bickel

Right away it’s important to point out that only an authentic Storz & Bickel device carries any cloud. Their engineers have been designing and making vaporizers for more than a decade. Any fakes of the same shape and general style do not count.


Whenever great electronics are produced, they inspire cheaper clones, but do not accept substitutes. Even though the price is higher than most, the price pays for a device you can count on to work for years. Storz & Bickel will stand by it with their 3-year warranty and fantastic customer service manned by trained and knowledgeable individuals.

Unique Shape

Volcano’s shape takes the distinctive shape inspired by its name. Like a real volcano, Storz & Bickel’s vaporizer erupts with wonderful plumes of heat, but these clouds will not be saturated with toxins or followed up by lethal lava. Compared to Vesuvius, this German phenomenon is tame.

Plenty of space remains on the front for a large triangular LED screen to take up residence on the digital version. Classic versions use a dial to control temperature which is not as precise but still reliable and much cheaper than digital technology. Storz & Bickel makes the Volcano in black or silver, trimmed with hints of orange. This theme runs through all of their devices. A bit of orange serves to accentuate the slick, clean, dark features of each vaporizer they make.

Assisted Delivery

In the non-vaping world, this might sound like a phrase to do with child birth, but in vaping terms, assisted delivery refers to fan-assisted vaping. A Silver Surfer by 7th Floor operates without a fan and the user must draw vapor through a straw. Many vapers are former smokers or suffer from other conditions that affect their lung function. Assisted delivery sends vapor to them via a balloon attached to the heating unit. The user merely has to open the bag and breathe lightly to inhale plumes of aromatic vapor.

According to some consumers, the fan can be a little noisy, although Storz & Bickel upgraded their fan in recent models so it would be quieter. What you have to realize is that convection heating is much more efficient than conduction and does not burn herbs. There is no stirring either; no real work involved. The Volcano is powered by a convection (fan) heater while the Silver Surfer and most vaporizers heat herbs, etc. using conduction: direct heat.

Heating Up

Your Volcano Vaporizer functions at a temperature between 266F and 446F. Herbs taste best between these values while the liquid pad comes with your set too, and concentrates handle higher values well. Air temperature is produced via an aluminum heating block. Wait about 1 ½ minutes and it should be ready.

Balloons for the Bold

Does the idea of using a balloon to consume vapor intimidate you? Will it make you feel self-conscious? A Volcano can’t go with you into public places, it is simply too heavy. You are going to be using this item in the comfort of your home or a friend’s home where no one will be looking at you who is not also a vaper or is used to your vaping habits. There is nothing to worry about.

Buying the Volcano with a Standard or Easy Valve kit provides all the essential tools for setting up a balloon delivery system. The Easy Valve kit comes with pre-cut balloons, but you have the option to build your own. Order the complete kit with 5 balloons and you can use each one up to 100 times, even storing vapor inside for several hours at a time. This is not recommended as the flavor becomes stale and, to some palates, too cool. But at least you know the option exists.

The Kit

When you order a Volcano, with or without a valve set, it comes with extra screens, an air filter set, filling chamber, liquid pad, cleaning tools, and a grinder.

Volcano Vaporizer Kit

The air filter is essential for removing impurities from materials which might have been created during the growing or harvesting process. Consumers can’t usually guarantee there won’t be chemicals in plant materials unless they are grown on certified organic farms.

Recommended but Expensive

Most vapers who try this device recommend it. Get ready to plug it in and vape in one place all the time because you wouldn’t want to cart this heavy duty machine around. Your price for the Digital Volcano with an Easy Valve Set is around $670.

At a price like that, you will probably receive free shipping. Storz & Bickel includes a grinder with the kit, but other vendors might throw in something else to say thank you for buying one of their highest-priced items.

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